Customers Testimonials

We got our kitchen stools from Tom Morton's fine Furniture and they are fantastic. Love them more and more each day. Plus they are so well built that our kids and grandkids will love them as much as we do for generations. Thanks Tom!
Clayton S.

Toms furniture is the finest I've ever seen. Superb craftsmanship. He puts a lot of love and hard work into every piece. You can tell just by looking at it!
Mary B.

We are people who love art, architecture and hand-crafted work. Our home has several pieces of furniture designed and made by Thomas Morton. We never tire of them - they always give us joy in our heart and soul
Karen C. and Richard W.

Quality old-world craftsmanship with new-world sensibility - Thomas Morton pays attention to every detail. His furniture is beautiful and functional.
Karen C. and Richard W.

Our family has been collecting Morton Fine Furniture for over twenty years. We appreciate the timeless design of each piece and view them all as functional art. The beauty of the wood hand selected to create our living room, dining room, sunroom, and bedroom furniture contributed to a sense of peace and harmony within our home. The joy and satisfaction we experience upon entering these rooms makes us eager to make every space a Morton Fine Furniture room. These pieces look just as elegant today as they did when we purchased them so many years ago
The Warfel Family

Since we wished to have a special kind of wood, Mr. Morton hand selected some beautiful wood for us to look at in October. He made a dresser for us in late Jan. 2016 and we had it in the first week of Feb. 2016. We are very satisfied with the dresser he made for us, it is a very fine piece of furniture to hand down to our children and grandchildren. It is composed of all wood and not a single piece of plastic or metal rails in it. The drawers slide very smoothly, and the knobs are all made of wood by Mr. Morton. To us, it is a very beautiful piece of furniture.
Bao L.

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