Meet Thomas Morton

"The distinction of our furniture from that of furniture commonly found in stores is created from the passion our craftsmen have for the fine art of furniture making. It is quality without compromise. It's an educated sensitivity to form, function, balance, beauty, and our personal need to make life more meaningful. More than a job it is a way of life. We sign and date each piece because our work is who we are." - Thomas Morton

Discovery Channel Design Expert Interviews Thomas

Designer Lynette Jennings visits Morton Furniture

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Step Up to the Beauty of a Thomas Morton Original

Imagine a piece of furniture you'll use everyday that delights you every time you see it...

Smooth surface.
Drawers and doors that open and close with ease.
Clean, elegant lines that work with any decor.
Delightful, flowing grain patterns that reveal the wood's natural beauty.

That's how our customers describe the unique beauty and practical functionality of Thomas Morton furniture.

Designed for generations of use, a piece of Thomas Morton furniture will become the source of many cherished memories throughout your family history. A special piece of the forest, designed just for you.

Locally grown,
sustainable materials

Our furniture is primarily constructed from premium American hardwoods of Pennsylvania and New York – as well as our privately owned forest. We are proud members of the American Tree Farmers Association.

We believe in the sustainable planting, maintenance, and harvesting of trees with the conservation of soil, watersheds, and wildlife habitats.

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